Our Mission

WoodmenLife’s Mission Statement expresses the basic purpose of our organization and the reason for our existence:

Uniting hardworking Americans to secure their financial future while strengthening our communities and country.

Our Values

At WoodmenLife, we are committed to serving our members, their communities and our country. As a not-for-profit insurance company, we are proud to reinvest what would be profits into local communities to benefit those in need. We serve our members with honesty and integrity, and we have always been guided by good.

Passion for Members – We act in the best interest of our members at all times, providing them with support and superior service. We own our actions and strive to make a difference for our members and their communities. We operate with speed, integrity and commitment.

Service to Others – We care deeply about our communities and our country. We give back to our members and the places they call home. We are there for people when they need us most.

Inclusion – We value our differences and respect what each of us brings to the table. We are committed to diversity and to providing opportunities for growth, leadership and service to all.

Collaborative Spirit – We drive results through collaboration and teamwork. We share a commitment to our goals and to each other throughout every level of the organization. We speak openly and have the courage to address issues to arrive at the best results for our members and our associates.

Open-mindedness – We are open to new ideas and improved ways of doing things. We are solution-oriented and future-focused. We embrace innovation in our pursuit of growth.

Our Shared Commitment and Purpose

WoodmenLife members share a commitment to family, community and country. Through a commitment to family values, they become more dedicated family members. Through volunteerism, members strive to be better friends and neighbors. Through a patriotic allegiance, members pledge to be better citizens.

To find out what makes WoodmenLife different, watch this video:

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