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Life gets expensive, especially when the unplanned or unexpected happens. We help you prepare for many kinds of situations, from routine healthcare to furthering your education or training.

WoodmenLife Associates at the Gym

Your health and well-being are important.

Whether you’re married or single, have five children or zero, we have coordinated options that fit your situation.

We’re here to help in so many ways.

WoodmenLife offers a wide variety of additional benefits to add to the quality of your life. We aim to help you save money, prepare for the unexpected, maintain a good work/life balance, and grow as an individual and an associate.

Annual Enrollment takes place November 1-15 for coverage effective January 1 of the following year.

Enrollment Information

If you are eligible for benefits, your coverage will take effect the first day of the month following your hire date. If you choose not to enroll for benefits within 31 days of your hire, you will need to wait until Annual Enrollment in November to sign up for WoodmenLife benefits. You will be able to sign up for benefits outside of these time frames if you have a major life events like getting married, or having or adopting a child.

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