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WoodmenLife Associates

Many departments ensure WoodmenLife’s finances stay in order, including Accounting Services, Internal Auditing, Actuary, and Investments.

Accounting Services

As a life insurance company, we take the responsibility of keeping our customers’ money safe very seriously. Our accounting professionals perform accounting functions daily, not just on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The Accounting Services Department provides a helpful framework to represent what WoodmenLife has done, is currently doing and where the organization is going in the future, providing information to better assist with corporate decisions. In addition, they track various accounting transactions, file required regulatory reports, process payroll, complete various tax filings and manage premium payments.

Internal Auditing

The Internal Auditing Department ensures WoodmenLife’s continued success by evaluating and improving financial processes. These associates improve and strengthen WoodmenLife’s operations by providing independent, objective assurance and consulting services.


Actuaries play an important role in determining how WoodmenLife moves forward as an organization. They consider risk, growth rates, added value, and other factors to set the competitiveness and viability of WoodmenLife products so they attract new members, while at the same time maintaining the organization’s financial strength.


The Investment Division manages WoodmenLife’s assets, including holdings in its real estate portfolio. The Investment team supports WoodmenLife’s financial strength through selecting appropriate investment risks for the returns the organization is earning. Our Investment associates financially support WoodmenLife members through each individual’s stages of life.