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WoodmenLife’s downtown Omaha headquarters is home to more than 600 employees. Dozens of teams work together to insure the long-termed success of both our organization and its customers.

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WoodmenLife Associates

WoodmenLife members are at the heart of everything we do.

Certificate Processing certificate

Certificate Processing

This dedicated group helps us keep our promises to our members, begining with the application for a product and throughout the entire time the member has that product.

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Finance dollar bill


Our accounting, auditing, actuarial, and investments professionals WoodmenLife’s finances are handled wisely and responsibly.

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Information Technology computer with code


Our technology experts don’t only rely on the newest applications and technologies, they also develop them.

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Marketing and Communications Megaphone

Marketing and Communications

WoodmenLife’s marketing and communications professionals help shape how the organization presents itself.

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Member Relations Associate with Headset

Member Relations

Our customer service teams provides high-level customer service for members, while our fraternal team helps them make a difference in their local communities.

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Sales Support Innertube

Sales Support

These teams help our salespeople throughout the country achieve success.

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Human Resources and Sales Training people

Human Resources and Sales Training

These experts help both our Omaha employees and our national sales force prepare to excel, grow and prosper in their positions.

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Operations Gears


WoodmenLife’s project management, security and administrative services professionals focus on the organization’s safety, effiency and longevity.

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Legal Scale of Justice


Our legal professionals ensure we remain compliant with all national and state legislation and regulations, review contractual partnerships and represent the organization in legal matters.

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Sales Chart


WoodmenLife’s sales associates work independently, with support from the Home Office, helping families prepare for the future and working to improve their communities.

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Subsidiaries Org Chart


Woodmen Financial Services, Inc. and Woodmen Insurance Agency provide our members with additional investment and insurance coverage options.

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Internships graduate


Students provide fresh perspective for WoodmenLife while gaining on-the-job experience.

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