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Group #304089
PDP Plus Network

Table with glasses and medial equipement

Premium Amounts

Pre-tax premiums are based on 24 pay periods.

Insured Freedom Dental Preferred PDP
Associate Only $9.50 $7.50
Associate + Child(ren) $21.00 $17.00
Associate + Spouse $23.00 $19.00
Associate + Family $26.50 $21.50


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No ID Cards

An ID card isn’t required to receive services. Notify your dentist office that MetLife is your dental provider when scheduling an appointment. If you would like an ID card, log on to or the MetLife app to access.

How are the two plans different?

Freedom Dental gives you the opportunity to visit an in or out-of-network provider and receive the same benefit percentage. This plan is ideal if you know you will be visiting an out-of-network provider during the year.

Preferred PDP has a lower benefit percentage out-of-network. This plan is ideal if you plan on using in-network providers. If you you choose this plan, you will receive the best benefit by visiting an in-network provider.

Regardless of which plan you choose, in-network providers have agreed to discounted charges for services, helping you save more money.