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How did you become a member of WoodmenLife? Was it because your grandparents were members? Were you neighbors with your WoodmenLife Representative? Maybe you found out about us at a flag presentation? We want to share your story with our fellow members! We'll make every effort to share your contribution on our website, in our magazine or through social media. We also encourage you to upload a photo after you submit your story.

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By choosing “Yes, I accept”, you grant WoodmenLife permission to publish all or parts of your story in our magazine, on our website, Facebook page, or other electronic sources. We will not share any of your contact information with any third party source.

Thank you for submitting your story to WoodmenLife. We appreciate your membership!

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Purchase insurance and annuity products that meet your financial situation, needs and objectives. Never purchase insurance and annuity products for the sole purpose of qualifying for non-guaranteed membership extras.

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