Products for Seniors: Filling the Medicare Gap with Supplemental Insurance

Medicare can be a wonderful plan for seniors, but it doesn’t cover everything. Supplemental insurance coverage can fill the gap and help make sure your retirement savings last.

A Silver Lining

No one wants to think of the day when you have to use your health insurance, but if and when you have to use your Medicare benefits, having supplemental insurance can ensure that your out-of-pocket expenses will be minimized. Through our subsidiary Woodmen Insurance Agency, Woodmen of the World offers two types of coverage:

  • Medicare Supplement – Helps pay for eligible expenses that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B don’t cover.
  • Medicare Part D – Helps pay for prescription drugs.

Caring for Your Health

Supplementing your Medicare coverage can help put your mind at ease, knowing you’re covered. Contact your WoodmenLife Representative today to find out more about Medicare supplements.

WEB32 - 6/1/2015