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A Little Bit of Risk Can Yield Great Rewards

It’s a big decision to set aside money today to pay for tomorrow’s dreams, but as with anything in life, a little bit of risk can yield great rewards.

Whether you’ve just begun to save for the future or you’re close to retirement, there are some basic principles and guidelines that apply to everyone.

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When you’re ready to move your money from under your mattress to something that can pay you back more interest, it’s time to consult a trusted WoodmenLife Financial Representative. He or she can help you:

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Don’t let procrastination rob you of a more secure financial future. Start investing as early and often as you can. Search for a WoodmenLife Representative below, and choose a Financial Representative, as they are licensed to assist you with investments.

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  1. Dollar cost averaging can neither guarantee a profit nor prevent against a loss. Because it involves continuous investment in the securities regardless of fluctuating price levels of such securities, you should consider your financial ability to continue to invest through periods of low prices before participating in this program.

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