Give Grandchildren Gifts that Last a Lifetime!

You want to give your grandchildren the very best in life. Higher learning opportunities. Protection against the unexpected. The foundation of a strong financial future. Gifts that will make an impact on your grandchild's whole life.

Here at WoodmenLife, we value those things, too, which is why we make it easy to leave a legacy for your grandchildren through a variety of life insurance options.

WoodmenLife has Perfect Gifts for Your Grandchildren's Special Occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Graduations
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmations
  • Other special occasions

Gifting the Foundation for Future Financial Security

It's easy to create and give a personalized life insurance plan that's as unique as your grandchildren's hopes and dreams. When searching for the perfect gifts, secure their future by buying life insurance on their behalf and transferring ownership to them when they're older. They have their whole life ahead of them — buy them gifts that will help them live it to the fullest!

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life insurance protects your grandchildren throughout their whole life, and may also build cash value – money that builds up inside the certificate. Your grandchildren can use the available cash value to help them reach their dreams, whether that means going to college or owning a business or home.

Whole Life Insurance gifts offer:

  • Lifetime protection for your grandchildren
  • Guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash value
  • Premiums that never change

Universal Life Insurance gifts offer:

  • Lifetime protection for your grandchildren
  • Guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash value
  • Flexible premiums

Universal Life cash value growth reflects several factors, including the company's investment, expense and mortality experience. WoodmenLife will provide notification if the guaranteed monthly deductions and interest are expected to exhaust the plan's cash values prior to the maturity date.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance provides temporary coverage for a specific period of time, and costs less than Permanent Life insurance. Although Term Life insurance builds little to no cash value, it can be converted to Permanent Life insurance later.

Additional Coverage

For an additional cost, the Guaranteed Insurability Rideroffers the ability to purchase additional life insurance coverage in the future without a medical examination. At specific ages and when certain life events occur – such as marriage or the birth or adoption of a child – your grandchildren would be able to buy additional life insurance coverage.

529 College Savings Plans

Investing in a 529 College Savings Plan can help your grandchildren with future education spending.

Turn to the Pros Before Picking the Perfect Gift

You want to give your grandchildren the best gifts that will help them achieve their goals and dreams. Your WoodmenLife Representative will help you find the option that will be the perfect fit for your family.

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