Women and Retirement

Did you know that 95% of women who hold management and professional jobs are the financial decision-makers in their households? These same women also have more at stake when it comes to retirement, due to specific risks they have not planned for, such as increased longevity, lower retirement incomes and care-giving responsibilities.

According to a study by the Insured Retirement Institute, in general, women live three to five years longer than men – and on average, they draw smaller payments from Social Security and pensions than men.

So when you're planning for retirement, you definitely want to consider annuities. An annuity product can help to make up for your longevity and possible single lifestyle in retirement.

Buying an annuity could impact how you'll be able to provide for yourself, your children and your parents later in life. Fixed annuities are also structured to protect you from inflation.

For more information on how to include annuities in your retirement planning, contact a WoodmenLife Representative in your area.

WEB133 - 2/1/2017

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