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Ross Fraser, Director of Media Relations with Feeding America, says their organization promotes the need for people to donate, advocate and volunteer. “We encourage people to contact their local food bank to see how they can help,” Fraser said. “They may have a need you’re not aware of that you can help fulfill.”

In the U.S., there are more than 60,200 food banks, pantries and meal programs supported by Feeding America, and the needs in every community are different.

That’s why it’s important to develop specific ideas to fight hunger in your area. In addition to a food drive, some other projects to consider include:

Volunteering for Meals on Wheels

Growing a Community Garden

Packaging/Sorting Food at a Food Bank

Donating Money to School Lunch Programs

Volunteering to Serve Meals at a Shelter

Don’t Let Food Go to Waste

With nearly 48 million people in the U.S. struggling with hunger, the opportunity and the need to reduce food waste have never been greater. In 2014 alone, Feeding America and its partners helped divert more than 2 billion pounds of safe, edible food that might have otherwise gone to waste.

As part of our National Community Focus, we’re encouraging chapters and individuals to do their part to tackle this piece of the hunger fighting equation.

Some steps you can take to help reduce food waste:

Eat Your Leftovers.

Ask your restaurant to pack up your extras & eat them later.

Shop wisely.

Plan meals, use lists and avoid impulse buys.

Mine your fridge.

Get creative to use things in your fridge that might go bad soon.

Use your freezer.

Freeze produce and leftovers before they go bad.


Composting food scraps can reduce their impact on the climate.

Food Drives

WoodmenLife chapters across America have conducted many successful food drives in support of the NCF. Here are some tips for conducting a food drive in your area:

Community Garden

Since launching our National Community Focus, we’ve discovered many ways each of us can fight hunger in our communities.

In addition to raising money or holding a food drive, starting a community garden is a great opportunity for your chapters. These gardens are spaces where neighbors and residents can come together to foster community spirit and grow food for themselves and those in need.

There are different kinds and sizes of community gardens, and many steps involved in planning, creating and sustaining one. To help with this initiative, WoodmenLife has created a Community Garden Guide, in which you will find step-by-step guidance on planning, maintaining and promoting a community garden.

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