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Lifetime Retirement Income with an Immediate Annuity

With immediate annuities, the guaranteed payments start right away, usually within one year of the premium payment. Immediate annuities are an ideal way to make sure your retirement savings last your entire lifetime.

Retirement Income You Can Count On

Retirees will often make a single lump sum payment to an insurance organization like WoodmenLife, and in turn, the organization will make a pre-determined monthly payment back to the member. Many WoodmenLife members find it easier and less stressful to manage their household expenses through a regular income stream, just like they did while they were working.

WoodmenLife Offers Three Types of Immediate Annuities

Immediate Annuity Advantages

What's next?

Your Representative will prepare a customized plan that best meets your specific needs and budget. Get started by connecting with your Representative.

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  1. 85-XX-0212 Single Premium Immediate Annuity (Fixed Payment Period) (Not available in NH & MD)
  2. 91-XX-0212 Single Premium Immediate Annuity (Life Income) (Payments may vary) (Not available in NH)
  3. 90-XX-0212 Single Premium Immediate Annuity (Life Income) (Fixed Payment ) (Not available in MT & NH)

Products are not available in New York and all products may not be available in all states.

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