Tuition Reimbursement

WoodmenLife Associates at the Gym

Benefit Details

WoodmenLife provides tuition reimbursement to encourage full-time and part-time Home Office, Regional Office and Community Outreach associates, Recruiting Sales Managers and Regional Directors to further their professional development through continuing education by taking eligible courses that will also benefit the organization.

Basis for Reimbursement

Maximum reimbursement for a qualified individual is limited to $5,250 per calendar year for full time associates, $2,625 for part-time associates. To be reimbursed for undergraduate-level courses, you must receive a grade of “C” or better. For graduate-level courses, you must receive a grade of “B” or better to qualify for reimbursement. Associates are expected to remain working for the organization for at least 24 months following completion of the reimbursed course.

Campus@Work with Bellevue University

Receive DOUBLE the amount toward your education! WoodmenLife has partnered with Bellevue University through its Campus@Work Education Benefit Program, which provides a dollar-for-dollar match to WoodmenLife’s associate tuition assistance. AND you can apply for deferred billing, which means no payment is due until WoodmenLife processes your reimbursement. PLUS immediate family members of full- and part-time employees may qualify for a maximum credit of $2,625 per year to attend Bellevue University.

After 6 months of continuous employment, full- and part-time employees are eligible for tuition credit benefit for any Bellevue University degree program. The 6 months of continuous employment requirement must be met prior to the first day of the course. Active full-time student status must be maintained for the duration of the program to be eligible for the education benefit.

Any undergraduate or graduate for-credit programs taken at Bellevue University are eligible for the tuition benefit under the Campus@Work program. Prior to course enrollment, you must contact Human Resources to obtain pre-approval.

Tuition costs for Campus@Work Education Benefit program are currently $450 per credit hour for Undergraduate courses and $580 per credit hour for Graduate courses.

Eligible WoodmenLife Tuition Assistance Campus@Work Annual Total
Full-Time Employee $5,250 $5,250 $10,500
Part-Time Employee $2,625 $5,250 $7,875
Employee Family Member $0 $2,625 $2,625

Learn Now, Pay Later

Bellevue University has arranged a deferral option for WoodmenLife Campus@Work students! Deferred billing means that your payment to Bellevue University for the classes that you have taken will not be due until 45 days after your class or session ends! For more information on how this works and how to take advantage of it, you can schedule a time with an Admissions Counselor by emailing or calling 1-866-827-8467.


Available to regular full-time and part-time Home Office associates and Regional Directors who have:

  • Completed at least six months of full-time employment with WoodmenLife;
  • Associate is currently meeting or exceeding performance expectations and is currently not on probation or any form of disciplinary action;
  • Have completed the Tuition Enrollment Request form and obtained approval from their supervisor/manager and the Human Resources Associate Program Consultant prior to enrolling in the course, and
  • Remain on full-time status throughout the entire course for which they are requesting tuition reimbursement (up to and including the presentation of the school's official grade report).

Qualifying Courses of Study

To qualify for tuition reimbursement, you will need to pursue a course of study through an institution of higher learning (local universities or colleges, community colleges, or public school adult education programs). The institution must be accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency such as North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Courses must not be taken during your normal working hours. The course of study must meet certain requirements, or if part of a degree, it must be one of tuition reimbursement-eligible degree programs. For more details, click here to view the policy.

Getting Started

Bellevue University Campus@Work

Step 1

Email Jennifer McKern, Human Resources Associate Program Consultant

Step 2

You may call 1-866-827-8467 to speak with a dedicated WoodmenLife enrollment counselor at Bellevue University.

Other Post-Secondary Institutions

Step 1

Email Jennifer McKern, Human Resources Associate Program Consultant

Step 2

Contact the institution you plan to attend to enroll in a degree program.