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Tax Form 1095-C

WoodmenLife is required to report the offering of healthcare benefits and the enrollment elections for all individuals to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

As a participant who is eligible to receive health care benefits, you will receive a new tax form for each tax year (1095-C). This form will be postmarked by the deadline imposed by the Internal Revenue Service

What is the 1095-C Form and What Does it Report?

The 1095-C reports the health care coverage that you and your dependents were offered and enrolled in during the tax year. You will not need to file the 1095-C with your tax return, but keep it with your other important tax documents. Other forms of documentation may also be used to provide proof of insurance coverage including:

  • insurance cards,
  • explanation of benefits
  • W-2 or payroll statements reflecting health insurance deductions (Box 12, code DD).

When reviewing the information on your form, you may notice that the “offer” amount differs from the amount of premium that you actually paid; this is because WoodmenLife is required to report the premium tier for which all participants are eligible. For WoodmenLife, that is the “Standard” premium tier amount for the coverage level in which you were enrolled.

For questions about your benefits coverage, please contact the Benefits Department at (800)328-2968 ext. 57047. Premium information can also be found, in the benefits section.

If you have any questions about how this form impacts your individual tax situation, please consult with your tax professional or visit the Health Care Information form page on the IRS website for additional information.

For questions about WoodmenLife’s Form 1095-C, please contact the Tax Department.