Patriotism: Celebrate Your American Pride

We value our American freedoms, just like you. That’s why we’ve presented more than 3.5 million flags to nonprofit organizations, schools and communities nationwide.

Gary Sinise serves food to military men and women.
Image courtesy of the Gary Sinise Foundation

Express Your Patriotism with WoodmenLife

We understand the importance of patriotism. Since our founding in 1890, we’ve provided opportunities to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy and thank those who protect them.

Members of the WoodmenLife family are shining examples of American patriotism, continually giving back through activities including:

  • Flags Across America, which includes projects each June like placing flags on the graves of Veterans. Flags Across America programs and sites are sponsored by the National Flag Foundation.
  • In Honor And Remembrance ceremonies, which honor the heroes and victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as local community heroes and volunteers.
  • Recognizing local citizens for their patriotism
  • Flag retirement ceremonies and dedication to the proper care of the American flag
  • Participation in parades and events for Memorial Day, Independence Day and other patriotic occasions
  • Celebrating Red, White & Blue® presents American flags at local high school and community college football games and other community events before the national anthem plays.

Honor Your Local Heroes with WoodmenLife

Dozens of American Flags being displayed at the Remembrance Garden during the Snowball Express event.

We do everything possible to honor the selfless actions of our Veterans, First Responders and Defenders. These individuals are the face of our American pride, and we know how important it is to celebrate and support them. Some examples of our patriotism include:

  • Holding appreciation events for local First Responders and Veterans
  • Offering a special benefit for First Responders who die in the line of duty
  • Partnering with the Gary Sinise Foundation as the exclusive provider of U.S. flags and flagpoles for the Remembrance Garden at the foundation’s annual Snowball Express event

Our Partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation serves our nation by honoring our Defenders, Veterans, First Responders, their families, and those in need. The foundation does this through a number of national and local programs. These programs—designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities—serve America’s heroes and their loved ones 365 days a year.

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