Life Insurance Provides Protection

Create a more secure future by including WoodmenLife life insurance products in your financial plan. Several insurance options can help you meet specific needs and provide protection for you and your family in the event of your death. Life insurance can help pay for funeral costs with the death benefit and offers an income to those left behind.

Types of Life Insurance

Choose from the following life insurance options:

  • Whole Life Insurance is permanent coverage that builds cash value with premiums that never increase. Optional features are available for purchase to enhance the certificate value.
  • Term Life Insurance provides temporary coverage for a set number of years. It’s beneficial to individuals who have a particular need or lack the funds to purchase permanent life insurance.
  • Family Term Life Insurance offers the convenience of all-in-one coverage on one certificate for families.
  • Universal Life Insurance is permanent coverage flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

Protect Yourself

Don’t let the future sneak up on you. For more details about choosing the type of life insurance that fits your needs, contact your local WoodmenLife Representative.

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