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The WoodmenLife chapter system is a vital part of the thousands of volunteer activities we conduct every year. Each WoodmenLife member belongs to a local chapter. Member dues are used to fund the chapters' social, community and patriotic projects, as well as other costs involved with running the chapters. Chapter members elect officers to lead the chapter and elect delegates to the Jurisdictional and National Conventions. Delegates at the National Convention are responsible for electing WoodmenLife's National Board of Directors.

WoodmenLife chapters help raise money for families in need, police and fire departments, schools and other community organizations. They find the needs in their own communities and find ways to meet them. When our members strive to make a difference, we match their chapter funds, doubling the resources they have to help people in their communities.

Natural Disasters

Our chapters' activities have changed over the years, but our members have always been willing to jump in when natural disaster strikes. WoodmenLife Representatives and members have been helping communities recover from natural disasters since a hurricane hit Galveston, TX, in 1900.

The worst in nature brings out the best in human nature, and our members lead the way by making monetary donations, serving food and water, helping clean up and make repairs, and offering shelter.

WoodmenLife chapters and Regional Offices also make trailers, generators, emergency supplies and facilities available to their local Red Cross chapters for use during disasters.

WEB85 - 3/1/2017