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Dental Insurance

What is the difference between the benefits of the two dental plans?

Aside from the premium difference, the MetLife Freedom Plan provides for a higher out-of-network provider benefit than the Preferred PDP Plan.

Why haven’t I received my dental identification card?

MetLife does not issue ID cards. When scheduling your appointment with your provider, advise them your dental insurance is through MetLife.

Is there any way I can get an identification card?

Register online to access and manage your MetLife benefits at www.metlife.com. Click on LOG IN, located in the upper righthand corner. Under My Accounts, you will be able to print a dental ID card.


What is the process to enroll in group benefits?

New Hires

You will enroll through the DayForce Portal. Once you are logged into the DayForce Portal, select:

  • Benefits (from the menu located in the upper left-hand side)

  • Enrollment

Enrollment must be completed within 31 days of your effective date. To enroll you will need to be logged onto WoodmenLife’s system, either onsite or via VPN.

Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment takes place from November 1 through November 15. Coverage becomes effective January 1 of the following year. You will enroll through the DayForce Portal. Once you are logged into the DayForce Portal, select:

  • Benefits (from the menu located in the upper left-hand side)

  • Enrollment

To enroll you will need to be logged onto WoodmenLife’s system, either onsite or via VPN.

If you do NOT complete the Annual Enrollment process, your benefits elections will remain the same except the following:

  • HSA contributions for Select HSA participants must be elected every year.

  • FSA contributions for Flexible Spending Account participants must be elected every year.

Can I change the plan or coverage level I elected during my initial or Annual Enrollment?

Under Federal regulations, after a plan year (January – December) has started, you will not be able to change your benefit elections unless you have experienced a qualifying event. These events include changes in your family status such as birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, or a change in your spouse's or dependent’s employment status. Your election changes must be consistent with your status change brought by the qualifying event. To make a change in your benefit coverage, you must notify the Benefits Department, via phone or email, within 31 days of the event. Documentation may be required.

Health Insurance

Is there an opportunity for me to reduce my health insurance premium?

Yes, health insurance premium reductions are available to those hired or contracted prior to July 1 who participated in the Well-being Program. Health insurance premiums are based on completion and uploading of the biometric screening. Please click here for additional program details. For additional premium information see the Lowering Premiums section.

How many family members are needed to satisfy the Associate Plus deductible?

The Associate Plus deductible can be satisfied by one person or a combination of family members.

Is there a list of covered contraceptives?

Yes, an updated list of covered contraceptives and methods of contraceptives is available on the BCBS website at nebraskablue.com.

How can I find out the cost of an RX?

BlueCross BlueShield provides the opportunity to research the cost of a drug at a pharmacy or via mail order. The following instructions will guide you through the process.

Access the Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska website.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

How do I submit a request to file for reimbursement from my HRA?

Mail or fax the claim form, the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) received from Blue Cross Blue Shield and the direct deposit form (if you prefer direct deposit rather than a check).

P.O. Box 7020
Appleton, WI 54912-7020


Reimbursements will be issued weekly on Friday. Requests received by Friday will be paid the following Friday.

Explain the HRA carryover process.

If you enroll in the Select HRA the following year, 50% of your unused HRA account balance will be rolled over into an account for use during the next year to pay for qualified medical expenses. Click here for more information

How long do I have to file for a reimbursement under the HRA plan?

Those enrolled in the Select HRA Plan have until March 31 to file a request for reimbursement for deductible expenses incurred during the previous plan year.

How can I obtain my HRA balance?

HRA balances can be obtained by calling Lucent directly at 1-877-236-0844.

Do I have the option to have a HRA and a flexible spending account (FSA)?

When an FSA is combined with an HRA, you can use the FSA money to pay for eligible out of pocket expenses. Expenses related to medical, dental and vision care expenses can include deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, prescription drugs, and eligible over-the-counter items.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Do prescription costs go toward the deductible on the HSA?

Yes, the cost of covered prescriptions will be applied toward the deductible and coinsurance.

Can I change my HSA contribution amount?

Yes, you may change your contribution to your HSA account at any time during the year by accessing DayForce. Go to the menu, located in the upper left-hand side and choose Benefits, then Health Savings Account Periodic Changes – Start Enrollment.

What are the HSA contribution limits?

The combined Employer and Associate contribution limits for 2023, the limits are $3,850 for Associate Only and $7,750 for Associate Plus. For 2024, the limits are $4,150 for Associate Only and $8,300 for Associate Plus coverages. If you are age 55 or older by December 31st of the current year, you are eligible to contribute an additional $1,000.

Do I have the option to have a HSA and a flexible spending account (FSA)?

Yes, when a FSA is combined with a HSA, the FSA becomes limited and the FSA money can only be used for dental and vision expenses.

Legal Plan

What type of services are covered under the legal plan?

The most utilized services include: estate planning, family law, document review, defense and civil lawsuits, consumer protection matters, immigration matters, traffic offenses, financial matters, juvenile matters, personal injury, probate, and real estate.

What is the Access Code for Hyatt Legal?

The access code for Hyatt Legal is 9903241.

Lowering Premiums

What if I don’t meet passing standards for my biometric screenings?

As long as your biometric results are submitted and approved at Guidance Resource, by September 30th, you will receive the preferred premium rates. The biometric screening results are for your own health assessment, and it is up to you and your doctor to decide how to address your results.

What if I don’t use WoodmenLife health insurance?

Those who do not participate in WoodmenLife group health insurance will receive a $100 well-being reimbursement for participating in the Well-being Program. We encourage all associates to submit biometric results, so they are eligible for the Preferred Tier if they need to begin using our group health insurance at any point (i.e. as a result of a qualifying event).

What are my premium options?

For health insurance rates, there will be a Standard Tier and a Preferred Tier. To receive the Preferred Tier (the lowest premium), you simply need to upload your biometric screening results to guidanceresources.com by the September 30th due date. The four biometric screening requirements (blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, and glucose) will remain the same.

What if I was hired at WoodmenLife after July 1st?

You will pay rates in the New Hire tier for both the current plan year and next plan year. Those hired prior to June 30th will be able to qualify for lower premiums through participation in the Voluntary Well-being Program.

Vision Insurance

Why haven’t I received my vision identification card?

VSP does not issue identification cards. When scheduling your appointment with your provider, advise them your vision insurance is through VSP.

Is there any way I can get an identification card?

Yes, click here.

Is there a claim form to file for out-of-network services?

If your provider does not file the claim on your behalf, click here for instructions.


Who is eligible for the 401k employer increased match?

All associates* hired after October 1, 2006 or those who elected not to continue participating in the pension plan.

*Delta sales representatives are not eligible for any group benefits.

How do I take advantage of the 401k employer increased match?

To check your current 401(k) contribution and/or increase your contribution (aka deferral percentage), log onto your participant account with Empower Retirement or call Empower Retirement at 844-465-4455.

Are resources available to help me project my savings?

Yes, resources are available by accessing the Retirement Income tool on the main page after logging onto Empower Retirement.

Who should I call if I have questions regarding my retirement benefits?

Contact the Benefits Department via email (WoodmenLifeBenefitsandWellBeingmailbox.org) or 800-328-2968 for pension related questions. Empower Retirement and the Benefits Department can address your 401(k) related questions.

How do I log in to Empower Retirement?

The first time you log on to Empower Retirement, you will need to create a username and password with the following steps:

  • Click the green Register button

  • Select I do not have a PIN tab

  • Follow the prompts to enter your personal information

  • Create a username and password

If you are not able to gain access to your account online, please contact Empower Retirement at 1-844-465-4455.

When am I eligible to contribute to the 401(k)?

All active home office associates, Regional Directors, Recruiting Sales Managers are eligible to contribute to the 401(k) following 1 month of service.

All Sales Representatives are eligible to contribute following 9 months of Alpha service.

Will new associates be enrolled at 5%?

Once eligible, new associates will be automatically enrolled at 3%. Contributions can be increased or decreased at the time of eligibility or as often as every pay period by logging onto Empower Retirement or calling Empower Retirement at 844-465-4455.

How can I start or change deferrals to the 401(k) plan?

Once eligible, log into your participant account at Empower Retirement or contact Empower Retirement at 1-844-465-4455 to start or make deferral changes.

How often can I change my 401(k) deferrals?

Once eligible you can change your deferrals as often as every pay period. Just log into your participant account at Empower Retirement or contact Empower Retirement at 1-844-465-4455 to make deferral changes.

Will WoodmenLife automatically increase all associates’ 401(k) contributions annually?

If you are contributing less than 10%, your contribution will be increased 1% in April. Associates will have the opportunity to opt out of this auto increase every year.

What is a Roth 401(k)?

The Roth 401(k) allows you to save money on an after-tax basis. Since this is an after-tax contribution, you pay federal and, if applicable, state and local taxes pre-contribution. Withdrawals of earnings and contributions are tax-free, if certain criteria are met.

There are many factors to consider before deciding if Roth contributions are beneficial. Most people find it appealing if they feel their tax rate will be higher at retirement, tax diversification or are unable to contribute to a Roth IRA.

Can I make both pre-tax and Roth 401(k) contributions?

Yes, you can do a combination of both pre-tax and Roth contributions up to the annual limit for the year as set by the IRS.

Where can I see more Frequently Asked Questions about the 401(k)?

Simply log in to your participant account at Empower Retirement. Once logged in you will see “FAQ” in the upper right corner next to “Tour”. Click on “FAQ” and you will be able to access additional information.

I am accruing a benefit in the pension plan, can I contribute to 401(k) plan?

Yes, you can elect to contribute pre and post-tax contributions. However, because WoodmenLife is funding your pension benefit, you will not receive 401(k) contributions in the form of a match or service related contributions.

I elected to freeze my pension benefit, can I contribute to the 401(k) plan?

Yes, you can contribute and are eligible to receive a match and service related contribution.

Can I opt out of the pension and opt into the 401(k) benefit with company contributions?

No, active participation for those accruing a benefit in the pension plan will end only in the event of termination, retirement, disability or death.

Is WoodmenLife planning to freeze or payout pension benefits in a lump sum?

No. There are no plans to freeze or payout pension benefits.


WoodmenLife is required to report the offering of healthcare benefits and the enrollment elections for all individuals to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

As a participant who is eligible to receive health care benefits, you will receive a new tax form for each tax year (1095-C). This form will be postmarked by the deadline imposed by the Internal Revenue Service.

What is the 1095-C Form and What Does it Report?

The 1095-C reports the health care coverage that you and your dependents were offered and enrolled in during the previous tax year. You will not need to file the 1095-C with your tax return, but keep it with your other important tax documents.

If you have any questions about how this form impacts your individual tax situation, please consult with your tax professional or visit the Health Care Information form page on the IRS web site for additional information.

For questions about WoodmenLife’s Form 1095-C, please contact the Tax Department at (402)271-7826.

Caregiver Support

How do I start a case with a Care Coach?

Simply visit Woodmen Life’s Cariloop landing page (cariloop.com/woodmenlife) and click the “Connect with a Care Coach” button. Of course, we’re always here if you have questions and prefer to call 972-325-5836 or email us at helpme@cariloop.com.

Once I create a case on Cariloop, how do I access it?

You can log back into your case file any time by going to https://www.cariloop.com and clicking the “Member Sign In” button in the top right corner.

Do I have to go download the Cariloop app?

Our application is all browser based, which means it works on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone and runs most effectively in browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox. We designed it this way so that when you first call in needing our help, we can get you started as quickly as possible without needing to download anything.

How do I upload important documents to my case file?

You can upload files and documents securely to your case file in one of two ways:

Method #1:

  • Go to your Documents tab across the top menu and click the “Upload Document” button.

  • Select the file from your device or the cloud to upload.

  • Name the file appropriately before you click the “Upload” button.

Method #2:

  • Go to your Discussions tab across the top menu and click the “Add Discussion” button.

  • Enter a subject and supporting text to categorize your discussion/document.

  • Click the “Attach Document” button and select the file you want to upload with your discussion.

  • Click the “Post” button to post the discussion and document.

How do I invite my family members to join the case?

Go to your Care Team and click on the “Invite Someone” button in the top right corner. You’ll then be prompted to fill in the person’s name and email address. Once you hit send, an email will be sent to your family member asking them to join the case.

Are there any additional costs to work with my Care Coach?

No. Your membership grants you unlimited access to Cariloop’s Care Coaches and case management portal. Any time you need us, we are here to help!

Will my Coach continue working with me, even after my loved one’s immediate issue is resolved?

Yes. Our Coaches are committed to walking with you through your entire caregiving journey. So long as you are a Cariloop member, your dedicated Care Coach will be there for you any time you have an issue or a question.

What kind of experience does the Care Coach have? How can I be certain they are qualified to help me with my loved one’s care?

All our Care Coaches are licensed or certified healthcare professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience in fields including nursing, social work, case management, therapy and counseling. When you begin your journey with Cariloop, we pair you with a Coach whose expertise best matches your specific caregiving situation.

Do I need a HIPAA agreement to work with Cariloop?

No. If your Coach ever needs to discuss your situation with a healthcare provider, your Coach will ask you to sign and store a HIPAA form on the Cariloop portal.

How long does it take to construct a plan for my loved one once I start working with my Coach?

Every caregiver’s story requires its own unique amount of time and dedication to resolve the issue at hand. Any time you post in your case file, our Coaches are trained to be responsive within two hours maximum although many times they are even faster than that. We are committed to equipping and supporting you in your caregiving journey as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Can I invite my doctor or attorney to join my case? If so, how is this accomplished?

Yes. As the owner of your case file, you have complete control over who has access to your case. Your doctor or attorney is more than welcome to join your case if you invite them to do so. Anyone you invite will be required to create a Cariloop username and password upon joining your case.

Can I speak with a Care Coach on the phone or am I limited to posting in my case file?

Our Care Coaches will have the quickest response time when you post in your case file. However, our Coaches are also available via phone call or video chat when necessary.

Do I need to be the primary point of communication with the Care Coach or can my sibling also ask them questions?

Anyone who you have granted access to your case file can post discussions and upload documents to your case file. Therefore, your siblings can communicate directly with your Care Coach via the portal at any time—no need for you to spend extra time being the mediator.

My wife’s sister recently received a cancer diagnosis. Can my Cariloop membership help support my sister-in-law?

Yes. Your Cariloop membership brings support to your entire family—your spouse, parents, grandparents, in-laws, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc.

What should I do if I forget my login information?

Simply click the “Forgot password?” button on the login home page (https://plan.cariloop.com) and enter your email. Instructions for resetting your login information will be sent to the email that you entered.

Can Cariloop help me figure out what to do for my loved one who has memory loss issues?

Yes. Memory care is one of the many challenges that our Coaches have helped family caregivers just like you face with their loved ones.

I’m starting to think that my loved one is no longer safe living at home. Can Cariloop help offer advice?

Yes. We understand how difficult conversations like this one can be, and our Coaches will be there to support you with everything from conversation starters to expectation management. We’ll also help you explore your loved one’s options for what’s next—whether this means searching for a professional caregiver or considering facility options.

What if my parent is already at a nursing home, but it’s getting too expensive. Can my Coach help find a new place that meets our budget?

Yes. Our Coaches are committed to finding options that best match your loved one’s care situation. Our core value of integrity requires our Coaches to provide the most objective and transparent recommendations possible.

I’m not very tech savvy. Is your portal hard to use?

Not at all! Our online portal is specifically designed with you in mind. When you sign in to our site, you will only find the elements necessary to effectively communicate with your family and your Care Coach.

If I am taking care of a parent, can they also use the case management portal? What are the restrictions, if any, to adding new people into the case?

Absolutely! All family members, including the loved one you are caring for, are more than welcome to use the portal if you decide to invite them into your case file. Adding and removing people from the case file is left up to the owner of the case file.

Can Cariloop help transfer medical documents to other providers?

No. Our portal is best suited for organizing and storing important documents rather than transferring them. However, our mobile-friendly web app does allow you to easily access and share these documents with providers when necessary.

How does Cariloop know which care facilities will best fit my loved one’s needs if he or she lives out of state?

Your Care Coach will do whatever research is necessary to find care facilities that are most appropriate for your loved one’s situation. The questions that our Coaches ask during the search process are applicable to every care facility, no matter what state you live in.

Will Cariloop speak directly to facilities to help me plan for my loved one’s care?

Yes. Our Coaches will contact facilities during the search process to ensure that a facility will be a good option for your loved one.

Is this a free benefit for WoodmenLife employees?

Yes, this is a benefit provided by WoodmenLife at no cost to associates.

Will the person receiving care be able to name who can have access to their info or will that only come from the case owner?

The Care Team is managed by the case owner. The case owner can be the person who sets up the case OR it can be the person who is appointed as case owner. For example, if I want to set up a case for my mom, I will automatically be case owner. However, if I decide I want my mom to run her own case, I can assign her as case owner, and she will then be able to name who can and cannot have access to her info.

Are Care Team Coaches allowed to update/remove documents or view only?

Anyone on the care team has access to uploading and removing documents that they themselves have posted. Care Team members are not able to remove documents uploaded by other Care Team members.

If I set up a case for my mother-in-law and a case for my father, would I have the same care coach for both cases?

Yes, you can absolutely request the same Care Coach for multiple cases. The best way to do this is set up one case and during your initial conversations with your Care Coach, mention that you have another family member you want to set a case up for. Your Coach can set that up for you right there and you will then have the same dedicated Care Coach for all of your cases!

Is the coach able to address Medicaid matters in all states?

Yes, absolutely! Our Care Coaches have the medical and legal documents for healthcare related topics in each state. So, they are very equipped to help you with any and all Medicaid matters. We also have a Medicaid/Medicare specialist on the coaching team so rest assured you will be in good hands.

Can you help with VA benefits?

Yes! The beautiful thing about Cariloop is we can help you research anything you need help with when it comes to caregiving, no matter who you are caregiving for. In this case, VA benefits for your spouse, we can definitely help you!

Are there care coaches who are specialists in TriCare for life (retired military)?

While there are not coaches who are specialized in TriCare, Cariloop coaches can assist with researching and providing assistance with TriCare.

Can the care coach help in finding substance abuse rehab facilities for family members?

Yes! We have a few social workers on our Coaching team which means we are well equipped to helping you find any resources you need! We are here to help you with any caregiving questions you might spend your time Google-ing. You and your dedicated Care Coach can have initial conversations about your preferences on facilities and then your Coach will begin doing the research for you. You two will work together for however long it takes to find a facility that works for you and your loved ones! There is no limit to the amount of interaction or support you receive from your Care Coach.

What about Power of Attorney documents? Could you help get legal papers like this set up?

Yes! We have very knowledgeable Care Coaches that can walk with you through filling out Power of Attorney, and many other healthcare documents, to make sure you get it right!

With the portal – if a caregiver were to pass away and they have a successor appointed, will they be able to access the account that was established with documents, history, etc.?

We encourage members to invite people into the case who they would like to be involved if this is a concern. If an owner is the only person on the care team and they pass away other people would need to contact Cariloop directly and prove they are who they say they are and are ok to be taking over the case. The best thing to do is invite others in that may need to take over if the fear of passing is real.

How is opening a case and sharing personal information HIPPA compliant if the patient has no control over who is given access to their information?

Ultimately, it’s up to the caregiver what information is provided, and we adhere to HIPAA with what’s provided to us. Our platform is HIPPA compliant and our care coaches don’t share any PHI unless we have written authorization to do so.

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