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The WoodmenLife Tower has served as a focal point of the Omaha skyline and part of the city's downtown business district since 1969. Rising 30 stories and 478 feet above the bustling city streets, the WoodmenLife Tower is truly an Omaha landmark.

Forty-eight high-powered floodlights were added in 1990 to illuminate the Tower at dusk. On a clear night, visitors traveling to Omaha by air could see the lighted Tower from a distance of more than 75 miles.

Tower lighting was again updated in June 2014 when a new computer-driven energy-efficient LED light system was installed. The 164 banks of LED lights are capable of displaying 16 million colors and graphics.

Be a WoodmenLife Tower Lighting Partner

You can become a WoodmenLife Tower Lighting Partner. Just complete the Lighting Partner application to be considered. The WoodmenLife Tower does not hold lightings for personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings; commercial events; political campaigns; or religious figures or events. Please read and agree to the Term of Agreement included on the Application page.

WEB158 - 11/20/2018